Dominoe is a beautiful, merle poodle. She is AKC registered and a real honey. 

Pansy is a loving and caring mother, ready to show off her young. This merle miniature poodle is very calm and loves to be held.

Peaches 'n Creme is an AKC (American Kennel Club)white toy poodle that is the love of her daddy Howard's life.  She is an exceptional mother and has produced some beautiful babies!​

Peaches has been retired but remains at our place!!!  Her human daddy could never part with her!!!  She enjoys lying on the back of the couch!

Anlon's Maniac Megan is an AKC registered poodle. She is a beautiful phantom and there is no maniac in her at all. She is very loving and energetic and has produced many adorable babies. 

Howdee Prima Bella Donna is  a sister to Kevin and is an AKC toy poodle. She has beautiful small puppies who are as dainty as she is. 

Howdee Lavender Lilac Bush is a wonderful, active female, the daughter of Kevin and Megan. We are very excited for her first litter in the future. She is a sister of Mocha. 

Howdee Strawberry Blondie is a AKC female poodle who loves to snuggle. She is a great mother to her many puppies. Also is a daughter of Kevin.

Da-Pa-Kli Duchess of Harrison (Aka Duchess) Is a very calm and gentle Cavalier. She has produced some gorgeous offspring and is a very attentive mother. Her tail is always wagging! She is a littermate of Princess and Lady.  She too, is APRI registered. 

AKC Darling Dazzlearre-DeDe is a miniature black poodle that loves to cuddle. She is a great mother to her many Cavapoo puppies. 

Dolly Pardon Me is APRI and AKC registered and a beautiful Cavalier. She is super sweet and loves to cuddle and lay in the grass. Her babies are gorgeous and also love to play. 

Howdee Chocolate Mocha is also a daughter of Kevin and Megan, making her and Lilac sisters. She too, is AKC registered and is three years old. She is very energetic and feisty and loves to play.

Dams (Moeders)

Da-Pa-Kli Princess Priceless (Aka Princess) Is an energetic and beautiful tri-color female who loves to cuddle. She is a littermate of Lady and Duchess. She is APRI registered as well. 

Da-Pa-Kli Lady Cynthia (Aka Lady) is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is a total honey. Very sweet and loving dog that adores her beautiful puppies. She is a littermate of Princess and Duchess. She is APRI registered.

Katie O'Malley is a loving and playful mother of beautiful Maltipoo babies. She loves to be held and cuddled. 

Howdee Minni Pearl's Hat Tags is a beautiful, energetic female. We are anxious to see her puppies in the near future. She is a toy poodle and is AKC registered loves to run. 

Koenen's Phoebe Grayce Judson is a rambunctious and feisty female who loves running in the grass. She enjoys making people laugh and is a great and fabulous mom. 

Koenen's Peanut Brittle is a beautiful Maltese with amazing little puppies. She is APRI registered and is a sister to Dixie. 

Koenen's Whistling Dixie is a Maltese that loves to play with her poodle friends. She is hoping to produce some amazing puppies and will become a wonderful mother.