Koenen's Casper the Maltese is a small loving father and has produced tiny babies, who are as beautiful and fun as he is. Casper is APRI registered.

Sherman is a fun loving AKC registered dog who enjoys playing in the grass. He is an amazing blenheim Cavalier and a great father. 

Howdee I'm Henry The 1st, I Am is a male poodle that is a wonderful playmate. He is energetic and funny and prances around in the grass.

Rabrega Crackers 'N Soup is a tiny, energetic, womanizer male toy poodle. He is AKC registered and weighs around five pounds. 

Howdee Harry and The Kids Next Door is a loving poodle. He has produced many amazing kids and is a wonderful father and full of cuddles. 

HOWDEE KEVIN MCGILLICUTTY is the son of Angus Van Santana & Dolly Madison.
He is following in his fathers pawprints and producing some beautiful babies.
Kevin weighs in at 5-6 lbs and is a real looker and ladies man.

This is Howdee Oscar Mayer HotDog. He is a new young dog and loves playing with his mother, Peanut. Oscar is going to give his dad, Casper, some competition later on. 

Sires (vaders)

Howdee Sawyer Brown Wood is a beautiful blenheim Cavalier. He is friendly, cuddly, and loves to take in his surroundings with a cute look. Because he is so loving, he makes an excellent father. 

Howdee Rocket Powered Pooch is an active, amazing father who loves to play in the grass. He charms woman and is very energetic and feisty. 

Oliver of the Northwest is a feisty little AKC Maltese that is full of energy. He has fathered some beautiful Maltipoo babies.