Our Prayer is that you have a
​Son-filled day!

Where are we??

If you have a Map Program on your phone or anywhere,  you will have no problem since the computer will do the work for you.  If you do not have a computer, you can follow these easy directions to find us.

From the South via I-5 : you will take the Meridian/Sumas/Lynden exit (Hwy #539).  Drive North on the Guide Meridian until you get to the quaint little town of Lynden.  You might want to stop later but right now you have to keep on driving North on the Guide Meridian - past John Deere and you are now out in the country again.  Drive about 2 miles North - you will come to a stop light.  You will turn right at the stop light to Sumas (Hwy #546).  You will now be on East Badger Rd.  Continue East for about 4 miles.  You will come to a little country market, "Northwood Market' on the right and a roundabout.   Turn left onto Northwood Rd and continue to the second road which is Pangborn Rd.  Make another right and go one mile.  The road will turn into Hammer Rd and we are right on the corner -- if you miss the curve you will be our newest lawn ornament.

And now that you have the newest member of your family with you (your new puppy) you can swing back into Lynden and enjoy some of the delightful sites of our Dutch town and maybe have a wonderful lunch at one of the many superb eating places.

Eet Smakelek (Eat Heartily)

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