Retiring Dogs


Dogs, like people continue to age and sooner or later are to the point where they don't need to reproduce anymore.

Unlike people who can retire and get a retirement check either from their work or from the government, dogs don't have that benefit.

They rely on their owners to place them in homes where they will be loved and cared for and get to enjoy their 'retirement' years away from the confines and rigors of kennel life.

Occassionally we have moms and dads that we wish to retire.

Our only request is that their new humans will love them and give them a great home in the unproductive years of their lives as many of them have a lot of good years left to enjoy life.

We always have them neutered or spayed so there is no temptation to use them for breeding again after they leave our house.

All we ask is that you take the time to care of these great retirees.

They are not used to being in the house and I am not saying that they cannot be trained to be house dogs -- that will be up to you.

They are all used to being outside but, like all dogs would love to live indoors with you and lay on your lap by the fire at night and bask in the love and friendship that you as the new
​owner can also provide to them.


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